Welcome to Penang!

August of 2015 my family moved to Penang, Malaysia for my husband’s job.  I decided the easiest way for friends and family to follow our adventures is this blog.   I will try to update our adventures in traveling around Southeast Asia as well as everyday life here on the Island of Penang.

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  1. Margie Law says:

    Elizabeth, this is wonderful! Thanks for letting us in on the adventure too, Love, Aunt Margie


  2. Rob Paullin says:

    Great stuff Elizabeth! Hope you guys enjoy your time there! I was in Singapore a few months ago, and sailed right by your new city on my in from Myanmar. But….it was at night so couldn’t see much. The one photo looking down at the beach with the high rises and mountain in the background almost looks like Honolulu. Next up for me is a trip to Texas and Oklahoma at the end of September to help celebrate your pappy’s 65th…..IF OSCE doesn’t intervene and send me somewhere to help monitor an election.


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