Ummmm we don’t have a broom anymore

We don’t have anything except what was in our suitcases.  Our air shipment doesn’t arrive for a couple of weeks yet.  There is so much we need to get like bath towels, sheets, pillows that don’t suck.  We got started on that yesterday.  First things first coffee maker.  Coffee is weird here.   The Maylays drink a lot of instant drinks.  Think back to International Delights in the 80’s before we had Starbucks to provide us with flavored coffee drinks.

The traditional Malay way of making coffee is to toast coffee beans with sugar and butter instead of roasting them.  I blame this for their really bad coffee.  So we bought a pound of coffee at Starbucks, which turned out to be only half a pound and a coffee maker at the ONLY store in the mall that has them.  I have a feeling our coffee budget is about to go up.

When we were here on our research trip in March everyone told us how much the Malaysian people love children.   All of the Malaysian people we encountered were friendly but also a little cold towards us.  I figured it was because we were foreigners and once people saw us more often they would open up.  I was wrong all we needed was Ben.  It is like a whole different county when you have a kid with you.

Everyone says hello and comments on how cute he is.  They interact with us and so helpful.  When we went to the department store in March just the two of us to check things out, no even said hello.  Yesterday when I went in to get towels, I seriously had 3 people helping me.  They played with Ben while I looked at stuff.  When he got cranky they went and got him a toy and gave it to him. For. Free.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  This kid is going to open so many doors for us, and enable us to really get to know the people here.

We have been here two days and I am already having perspective shifts.  In America everyone asks when are going to have a baby?  But when you actually have the baby, and the baby acts like a baby there are a lot of dirty looks and why can’t you control your baby comments.  Yesterday Ben was really grumpy, everyone that encountered him tried to make him feel better and make him happy rather than blaming me and giving me dirty looks because my toddler was acting like a toddler.

I think this is going to be a good place for us.  Ben is important automatically because he is a kid.  There are tons of preschool options and things for us to do.  Literately every person we encountered yesterday smiled at us.  It is really nice to feel welcome.

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