Quirky Things

One of the most fun things about traveling is finding things that are kind of quirky and unique to the new place you are in.  Here some of the things we have found so far.  I am sure we will come across so many more as we go along.

The normal way to  sleep here is with European style bed linens, just a bottom sheet and Duvet.  This I am not a fan of.  I like having a top sheet.  We did not bring any of our sheet sets with us because we knew that the beds are different sizes here.  We have a Malaysian king size bed in our condo, it is shorter than the American King size.  Nathan is almost too tall for it.  There is only one store in the mall that sells flat sheets, and in only 2 colors.  White and beige.  I choose the beige.

Each bathroom has it’s own hot water heater which you have to turn on via a switch 5 minutes before you want to use the hot water.  All electrical outlets have switches on them.  You have to make sure to push in the switch if you want to use the outlet.

I have to talk about coffee again.  From what I understand there is a hipster cafe culture in George Town (where we are living) but I have not happened upon it yet.  I am sure I will, in the mean time there is Starbucks.  I have no issue at all with Starbucks.  I like their coffee quite a bit.  But it is not quite the same here.  I can walk in and get coffee by the bag and have them grind it for me, which is what I did this morning.  Now for the weird part, they do not have regular coffee brewed ready for you to buy the cup.  If you want American style coffee you order an Americana and have to wait for them to brew it for you, which consists of a shot of espresso and hot water.  The other truly weird part is this:

This is Starbucks at 10am this morning.
This is Starbucks at 10am this morning.

I was the only person in there.  There are 2 Starbucks within a short walk of our condo, they don’t open until 9am.  9am and no one is in it.  It will be packed this afternoon with people getting treats for the afternoon slump, but in the morning there is no one but the coffee crazed American lady.

The food here on a whole is amazing.  I am planning on doing a future post all about it, but for now I am going to tell you about Mayonnaise.    Yes good old Mayo.  They LOVE it here.  I am not sure why but I blame the British for this next one. They put it on sushi, breakfast sandwiches at McDonalds, hot dogs and so many other things.  I am not talking about a little mayo either.  If it has mayo on it, there is A LOT of mayo on it.   Now I like mayonnaise.  I am and have always been a Hellman’s girl, (no miracle whip please, but that is whole other topic).  I like a little on a ham sandwich, chicken salad wouldn’t be chicken salad with out it, but this a whole new level of mayo here.   Last night we were tired and needed a little comfort food so we ordered KFC.  We weren’t sure how the mashed potatoes were going to go so we got some potato wedges instead.  They came with cheese sauce.  This is the cheese sauce:


It was half some kind of mystery cheese with the other half mayo.  It was not good.  Thank goodness it was a side item and didn’t come already on the potatoes.

I went in Marks and Spencer to buy hand soap and biscuits for Ben this morning.  There was a whole shelf of different kinds of mayonnaise in the food all.  I think I was right to blame the British for this one. 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    HAHA… your comment about the duvet sounded just like Kara. With my mom being European, that’s how I grew up – Kara put a stop to that quickly, b/c like you, she has to have her top sheet hehe


    1. esrussell79 says:

      I remember! I actually thought of you to two when I was trying to find top sheets 🙂


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