The Haze. Both actual and otherwise.

There are fires in Indonesia.  This means that Malaysia has haze.  Haze like I have never experienced.  That is possibly because I have never lived on the 18th floor of a high rise condo before but none the less, there is haze.

The haze is so thick you can no longer see the main land.
You can barley see the buildings on the point

From what I understand this happens every year before the rainy season starts, and doesn’t last that long.   According to the local paper the air quality is still fine.

The second haze that has settled over me is the moving fatigue.  We got our air shipment yesterday (YAY!!!).  Which means we now have a fully functioning kitchen and B has all his stuff (double YAY!)  I have to tell you I am tired, to my bones.  Starting over from scratch in a brand new country, with a toddler, who is extremely grumpy from jet lag is exhausting.  I am not looking for sympathy here, I am aware what an amazing adventure we are going to have.  I am just ready to be settled in and get used to all the things that are just slightly different.

Like my tiny (and I mean tiny) washer and dryer.  I can only wash 2 towels at a time.  I am literately doing laundry all the time because aside from being minuscule they take for ever to finish a cycle.  Also the dryer is this strange contraption that some how pulls the moister out of the clothes and stores it in a tank, which you then have to empty.  The clothes get so hot and steamy I am terrified to dry anything that we like to wear out of the house on a regular basis.   On the flip side of that I am so thankful to have the washer and dryer because and awful lot of people here do not have that luxury.

On Thursday we met our Amah.

Part of the social responsibility of expats here has become hiring domestic help.  It is expected of you, and it really is a way to give back by providing jobs for people on the island.  We will be hiring an Amah part time.  She currently works for a family from Nathan’s company that will be going back to the states in September.  I met her yesterday.  She will help me clean this monster condo that we live in and help with babysitting. She will also gladly cook for us and teach me some of her recipes (this is Nathan’s favorite part).  So hopefully when we get back to the states I will be able to whip up some authentic Indian food for you when you come visit us in Austin :). She is lovely, and has the most welcoming smile.    She and B got on like gangbusters yesterday.  I think it will be totally weird at first, but she comes very highly recommended.  So here we go!

I also had the pleasure of meeting some of the other wives that live in my building for coffee this morning.  It is truly a welcoming and international community here.  There was a woman from Finland, another from Norway and a third from Japan.  They all have kids around B’s age and a couple of them go to the preschool that I am looking at sending B to.   This was in between scheduling a locksmith to come unlock the Wet Kitchen’s door and getting our rental car delivered.  It was a really nice break from dealing with all the moving logistics and unpacking.

B managed to lock the door to the wet kitchen (I will explain that whole thing in my post about the condo once we are done unpacking)  and shut it behind him this morning, thankfully he was not inside when he did this.  I contacted the property manager  and told her what was going on.  Her response was well try the key that should be labeled Wet Kitchen and unlock the door.  Seriously?!?!?!  Do you really think I would be messaging you if I had a key to unlock the door?  Anyway it worked out fine, locksmith came and got us all fixed up.  It was just another new experience on how things work here.

It has been a super hectic week.  I am ready for a gin and tonic tonight, and a nice holiday weekend.  Yes that is right, we have been here a week and Nathan already gets a 3 weekend. Monday is National Day, It is the celebration of Malaysia becoming an independent country.  I am hoping we can stumble across a nice parade, maybe they will do some fire works.  I will keep you posted.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. The aunt says:

    Sounds like a process! Breath! Take one funny ( locked door) at a time and enjoy that G&T!
    Love you my niece! Hi Ben, hi Nathan


  2. Rob Paullin says:

    Hello Elizabeth, We have haze here in Illinois these days, thanks to the wild fires in the western USA, but nothing like your pictures. I’m sure your parents are experiencing a bit of the same think in OKC. At least your haze is only prior to the rainy season–I lived for some months in Beijing not so long ago, and the haze is a year ’round thing there. I also lived in a high rise, and did not even know for the first week or so that there are mountains west of the city! I will not be able to celebrate your dad’s 65th with them, as OCE has decided to send me back to Ukraine for two months, but hopefully I can get together with them for a Sooner game in November.


    1. esrussell79 says:

      The haze seems to be coming and going. Yesterday was awful, but today is quite pretty. According to the paper it will continue like this until the monsoon season starts on the mainland at the end of September. Hope you can go to Normantown in November. We will be watching the first game on pay preview first thing Sunday morning!


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