Smog, Waiters Dancing and other Random Occurances

We have had  a rough couple of weeks.  Nathan and I have been getting our immune systems up to speed with Asia. We have both been sick quite a bit not so much fun. We seem to both be feeling better now though.   Luckily B hasn’t been as under the weather as we have been.  Must have been all that face licking  that Hilda (our dog) did when he was a baby, or all the blueberries he eats.  Anti-oxidants are your friends people.

I was hoping to tell you all about our first trip to Kuala Lumpur, but alas due to illness we have had to cancel two weekends in a row.  FINGERS CROSSED we get to go this weekend.  Ikea is awaiting me with it’s beautiful functional design, inexpensive kitchen wares and bed linens.  We are going to do some other stuff while we are there, but Ikea is at the top of the to do list.

B wanted to go swimming today:


We could not go because the smog has returned with a vengeance.


I would really like Indonesia to put out their fires now.  I am quite sick of looking at, and breathing this.  I am starting to wonder if smog can cause seasonal depression.  I didn’t think it would be possible to have it while living in the tropics, but this stuff is getting old.  I just keep reminding myself it is so much worse for people in Indonesia and China.  As an example our air quality rating on the worst day so far was 168 or so, today it is 98 looking like this.  There are some parts of Indonesia that are over 1000.  If you are interested in looking at air quality world wide here is an interesting website for you.

Let’s keep America in the green people.  Yay air quality regulations!!!! Supposedly this is all supposed to end soon.  Cannot be soon enough for me.

On a happier note I got a new lense for my camera, and I love it.  I don’t think I will have to pay to have his pictures done again.  I can just do them myself.  Here are couple of good shots I got playing around the other day.





B started Montessori a couple of weeks ago.  He seems to be enjoying it.   His teacher told me that he is showing vast improvements from when he first started, he is now attempting to listen to instructions (dear god).  She then called him a Cheeky Baby (with a smile), so a least they think he is a cute ornery baby..He really does love it though.  He is enjoying playing with the other kids.  His language is expanding, and he is even more confident in his movements (if that is possible)….Here are some of the things we see on the way to school.

Pet turkeys at the spooky old colonial house on the corner.  Yum turkey.  I had no idea how much I would miss turkey sandwiches.  It just doesn’t exist here in a form that I want to eat. One word for you: Scholtzky’s, that is all.  Anyway.  Spooky house, pet turkeys.  It is weird to walk your kid to school and hear gobble, gobble.

The house that the turkey’s live in is really cool.  I will take some picture of it at some point.  I always feel kind of intrusive when I walk by and snap pics.  From what I understand the owner is Chinese, but lives in London and hasn’t been back to Penang since he was a kid.  He inherited the house and has a care taker live in.  Here is one of the fence columns.


This is a Buddhist offering across the street from the school.  You will see these all over the island if you look for them.


We were in need of a burger the other day so we went over to the mall, to the newly opened Urban Food Hall.  There are several restaurants located here and you can order off of any of the menus.  There is a Japanese place a Malay, a coffee bar, a Quizno’s (sadly not a turkey sandwich in sight, sigh) and a Johnny Rockets.  As soon as we sat down, this happened:

Then about 20 minutes later this happened:

I am convinced that this was all this guy’s idea.  He kind of reminds of the Dad on “Fresh off the Boat”,

And one final random thing I saw on my way to the market the other day.  We are getting a Michelin star dumpling house.  I had to look this up, but I had no idea that Michelin Star restaurants and the tire company were one in the same.  I was little shocked to see the Michelin Man on the sign with the star rating, but they are one in the same.  We are just learning stuff here right and left 🙂


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