Halloween here is not quite the same Halloween we have back home.  It really doesn’t seem to be for the little kids at all.  There are not a lot of costume choices here at all for the little ones or for the big kids that like to dress up.  Every costume we saw in person was some sort of zombie.  That was pretty much it.  There was one kid at the mall dressed up like a which in high heel boots taller than anything I have ever worn, but other than that just a lot of zombies walking around.

There is also no trick-or-treating here.  I asked Suzi if they did that here even at the mall, she had no idea what I was talking about.  The whole knocking on doors begging for candy seems to be an entirely Western idea.  I am not sure where we would have taken B anyway since all the condos require key cards to get in the building and then it will only allow access to your condos floor or public areas.  So we couldn’t have knocked on doors even if we had wanted to.

There is not a Halloween costume store in sight, so when we got a note from B’s school that were having a Halloween party and he needed to dress up I was a little surprised. I was glad he was going to get to celebrate.    I found an Arsenal Kit (the premier league team we support in this house) at one of the kid’s stores in the mall and bought him a foam soccer ball (or football if you are speaking the Queens English) and off we went.

Here he is the morning before school, and his party.  Sorry for the blurry quality of these pics, he was especially hard to get still that morning.




They did all sorts of Halloween related craft projects, and he came home with some treats.

The mall advertised it’s Halloween Flash Mob scheduled for 7pm, Halloween night.  Yes, that’s right the Flash Mob in the mall was not only scheduled it was advertised.  So we had dinner with some friends, and headed and all headed over to the mall.  They were teaching the participants the dance moves when we walked in.  We headed up to the 3rd floor to watch from above.  They announced several times that the flash mob would be starting momentarily.  There was one announcement that cracked me up:  Please stop taking pictures with flash mob participants, the flash mob is going to begin shortly.  You see a lot of selfie sticks around here.

Here are a couple of video excerpts of what we witnessed:

So that was our first Halloween in Malaysia…..

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